André Levi
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We are specialized in modern Italian violins and tone quality enhancement.
Based in Paris, it is with passion and great pleasure that we have been at the service of musicians from all over the world for over 40 years, helping them to find the right instrument, taking care of their instrument or advising them.

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A&F Levi Paris   violins and passion for two generations

Andre Levi was an Italian engineer, as well as a passionate classical music and violin lover who chose in his early 30s to turn his live around and follow his real call. Self-taught, he established himself as violin maker in France in the 70s and developped a method of tone enhancement based on its research in acoustics. He started sharing with musicians the (at the time) unsung treasure of modern Italian violin making.Imposing himself as the leading expert on those late nineteenth and early twentieth instruments, it was in the mid-80s that he transfered his workshop to #48 of the famous Paris's street of Rome; right within the ancient walls of the 'Charles Enel's violin workshop", founded in 1911.

Frédéric Levi spent his childhood and part of his youth amid violins and varnish scents, accompanying several months a year his father André visiting other maker workshops across Italy. After scientific studies in France, he studied violin making in Newark (UK) and perfected restorations techniques in many workshops such as Gosling (UK), Morel (NY, USA), Schmitt (Lyon). In 1999 he officially took over the family's workshop, succeeding his father for the expertise. In the early 2010s, he designed and licensed "CertiQR", an unprecedented online authentification for the bow certificates from the Cabinet d'Archetiers Experts Jean François Raffin. Through the time spent with J F Raffin, Sylvain Bigot and Yannick Le Canu, he expanded his interest in the expertise of bows and collaborated with them to the creation of reference publications.


Trade ♦ Ethics ♦ Commitments

Looking for a violin ?

For us, the violin is above all a human adventure. It must remain a unique living history between an instrument and a musician, should he be student, amateur, quartetist, tango player or soloist; each one with his own needs, but a common goal. The right violin is the one that allows you to fully express and develop your musicality.
Specialized in modern Italian instruments, valued for their power and harmonics, we also offer a selection of French violins and bows, as well as the opportunity to try our contemporary violin making.
As a respectable dealer, we provide our certificate of authenticity with all our valuable instruments, this in addition to those already existing, unlike some dealers who do not quite believe enough in the instruments they offer to certify them.

Our vision of the trade

As luthiers, we have the privilege and the duty of transmission and preservation of the instrumental patrimony before its trade.
Instruments pass centuries, acquiring life through the hands of their successive owners. Albeit slowly an instrument still ages, and its qualities change and could require adjustments. Beyond its sound potential, a good violin is a violin you can count on. Therefore, understanding your relationship with your instrument is not just about "follow up" for us, it is one of our main prerogatives.
As part of our commitments we provide lifetime free routine maintenance of the violin you bought from us.

Have an instrument for sale?

We are always looking for instruments for our customers. Whether it was found in the attic of your grandmother or has been your longtime companion, the history of this instrument will not necessarily stop. We are at your disposal to study it and give you the means to make the right choices: sale, consignment, restoration, estimation, estate management. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Workshop

Restoration ♦ Repairs ♦ Réglages
Anne Levi   Instrument settings and enhancement Specialist

Graduated in modern literature and INALCO (Chinese), it is her love for woodwork and music that diverted Anne from a brilliant academic career. After violin studies in England (Newark), she trained with André Levi in Paris. Working according to the British tradition and ethics in violon restoration, her most notable interventions were performed on violins of Guarneri, Camillus Camilli and Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. Working alone with Frederic, whether on valuable Cremonese instruments or on a more common violins, it is with the same care and dedication that she will work on your instrument.
As our sound specialist, Anne works on all the instruments that we sell, perpetuating the knowhow our establishment developped last century.
Time permitting, Anne continues to make instruments of modern Italian inspiration and baroque classical violins.

  à partir de
Réglages de la Sonorité 100 (Tarif horaire tout compris)
Taille et réglage du chevalet 120 (fourniture et léger nettoyage inclus)
Taille et réglage de l'âme 100 (fourniture et léger nettoyage inclus)
Nettoyage 35
Rafraîchissement 110 (vérification de l'état,démontage,nettoyage,revivification du vernis)
Optimisation de la touche 120
Semelle de touche avec raccord 250
Touche neuve 400
Petite retouche de vernis 50
Recollage 30
Réajustage des chevilles 30
Pose d'un jeu de chevilles 150
Pose d'un bouton 30
Mèche 65 Mongolie ♦♦♦♦ non-traitée multitriée main & nettoyage de la baguette
Face plate 150 en ivoire fossile
Reprise des mortaises 15

Garniture 30
Poucette 20 en chèvre, vache, kangourou, saumon, requin ou lézard
* sur prestations ordinaires | Restauration exclusivement sur devis


Community & non profit

Beyond our workshop hours, we have been animating and moderating "forum du violon" since 2007. With more than 10,000 subjects, this bulletin board is the first and largest francophone discussion space where amateur and professional musicians, luthiers and curious people exchange on music, violin and everything related to the violin.
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Committed to sustainable development of classical instrumental practice in the Francophone world, we have since 2010 assisted the Algiers Higher National Music Institute and the Regional Institute of musical training of Oran to the development of educational ressources and to the selection of student-practice instruments according to European standards.

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It is advised to make an appointment, especially if you wish to visit us outside of business hours.